TESCO MTB Calibration Adapter
Catalog No. 2450-CAL-30

The MTB Calibration Adapter is a socket adapter that's designed to bring phase A, B, and C current and potentials of a TESCO Multi-Position Test Board to an external RD-30 reference standard for calibration of the Test Board. If you don't have an RD-30, you can use the TESCO Pulse Blender (Catalog No. 2450-CAL-21) to combine three RD-2X reference standards into one output pulse.

  • Safety terminals on cover to protect current and potential wires
  • Sturdy handle for easy insertion and removal
  • Meter Form: 9S
  • Enclosure: UV stabilized plastic
  • Voltages: 600V
  • Current Range: 0-66.7A
  • Rating: 600V, 66.7A
Equipment Documentation
MTB Calibration Adapter
MTB Calibration Adapter
Catalog No. 2450-CAL-30
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