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Catalog No. 300

1. What published standard did TESCO use in determining the minimum insertion force required for this tool to indicate that the jaw has proper tension?

ANSWER:The Hot Socket Gap Indicator is based off of ANSI C12.7 specification and laboratory testing. TESCO has done extensive research for meter manufactures to try and find the precise holding force required to determinie when a jaw becomes dangerous.

2. Does this tool use a mechanical or digital means to determine proper tension?

ANSWER:The Hot Socket Gap Indicator is entirely mechanical, based on socket jaw openings and socket jaw tension.

3. How many times can this tool be used before it needs to be calibrated?

ANSWER:The Hot Socket Gap Indicator has been rated at 1,000,000 cycles or 5 years until calibration is necessary. In the course of this time, however, we do realize the blade may become worn due to excessive use. In these occurances, TESCO will calibrate early if necessary.

4. Has this tool been tested to withstand transportation, vibration or drops and still provide an accurate measurement?

ANSWER:The Hot Socket Gap Indicator has been designed with the harsh realities of the field in mind. Design iterations are always being made to withstand high impact events in the field. With that in mind, this still is a calibrated tool, and is recommended to be thoroughly inspected and possibly sent back to TESCO for re-calibration if a hard drop occurs.

5. What type of maintenance is required for this tool?

ANSWER:There is no maintenance required other than keeping the blade clean, inspecting the blade for proper alignment and confirming the blade moves freely.

6. Is this tool meant to be used on an energized socket?

ANSWER:Whenever possible, we recommend de-energizing the socket prior to use (however, this is not always achievable). PPE should always be worn while using the Hot Socket Gap Indicator.

7. What is the effect of heating and cooling on this tool (i.e. Las Vegas heat vs. Canadian cold)?

ANSWER:Temperatures between 0 degrees and 160 degrees Farenheight should have no effect on this tool.

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Hot Socket Gap Indicator
Hot Socket Gap Indicator
Catalog No. 300
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