Hot Socket Repair Kit
Catalog No. 304 or 305

TESCO's Hot Socket Repair Kit gives you all the tools and an assortment of parts needed for servicing hot sockets in a durable, convenient, and portable case!

TESCO is pleased to introduce a Basic Hot Socket Repair Kit (Cat# 304) and a Pro Hot Socket Repair Kit (Cat# 305) to give meter technicians the tools they need to deal with hot sockets encountered during an AMI deployment or through the course of ongoing operations.

Included in each kit are the components and tools you need to repair the most common sockets. These include components to repair the more common boxes from L&G/Siemens, Durham, Anchor, Milbank, and Superior. The Pro Kit includes TESCO's Hot Socket Gap Indicator, used to determine if a socket is worn out and unsafe, as well as components for 100 amp and 60 amp services. TESCO's Socket Safety Clips are also included in both kits so there is always an option to leave the service safer than when you found the service.

Components of Cat #305 Pro Hot Socket Repair Kit
  • 1-Anchor 200A Socket Block Equiv
  • 1-Durham 200A Socket Block Equiv
  • 1-Milbank 200A Socket Block Equiv
  • 1-L+G, Siemens, B&C 200A Socket Block Equiv
  • 1-Superior 200A Socket Block Equiv
  • 1-Anchor 200A Socket Block Equiv
  • 1-60A-100A Round Socket Blocks
  • 2-Large SS Swinging Latch - Cover Repair
  • 2-Small SS Swinging Latch - Cover Repair
  • 2-SS Permanent Latches - Socket Can Repair
  • 7-Blade Guides
  • 6-Terminals (jaws not tapped)
  • 1-Gasket for meter to cover, round 5-6"
  • 1-TESCO Cat# 300 Hot Socket Gap Indicator
  • TESCO Socket Safety Clips, 40-pack, Cat# 301-40
  • (One) 1-1/4" Steel Hole Seal
  • (One) 3/4" Steel Hole Seal
  • 1-Rivet Kit
  • (One) 1/2" Nut Driver
  • 1-Hex Nut Driver Set with Handle
  • (One) 1000V Insulated 3-Piece Screw Driver Set
  • 6-#10x1-12" Hex Head Metal Screws
  • 6-#10x1" Hex Head Self Tapping
  • 1-Protective Aluminum Carrying Case
  • Approximately 12-3/4" x 10" x6-3/8" and 12 pounds
Replenishment Kits

Once you discover the most common components needed in your service territory, replenishment kits can be purchased for these components in bulk. Every component provided in both the Basic and Pro Hot Socket Repair Kit may be purchased as part of a bulk pack along with replacement tools and cases.

Most common bulk packs include, but are not limited to:

  • Anchor 200A Socket Block Equiv
  • Durham 200A Socket Block Equiv
  • Milbank 200A Socket Block Equiv
  • L+G, Siemens, B&C 200A Socket Block Equiv
  • Superior 200A Socket Block Equiv
  • Anchor 125A Socket Block Equiv
  • 60A-100A Round Socket Blocks
Equipment Documentation

For more information about TESCO's Hot Socket Repair Kits, including the components of the Basic Hot Socket Repair Kit, please click below.

Hot Socket Repair Kit
Hot Socket Repair Kit
Catalog No. 304 or 305
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Hot Socket Repair Kit
Hot Socket Repair Kit - PRO
Catalog No. 305

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