TESCO 10-Pole Test Switch Protectors
Catalog No. 6441 & 6441-C

With safety always being a concern while working with electrical boxes, you can depend on TESCO’s Test Switch Protectors (Catalog No. 6441 & 6441-C) to alleviate any uncertainty. This was developed to provide temporary protection of the test switch and to address the rising concern that the terminals of the test switch are exposed while you’re working in the box. The switch protector can prevent incidental contact with live terminals or contact with tools.

TESCO’s Test Switch Protectors are constructed of clear, flexible PVC with a voltage rating of 2500V. The switch protector will fit any brand of test switch, regardless of manufacturer, from 4 to 10-pole. TESCO can also develop custom designs of this product to meet unusual test switch configurations.

An optional feature (Catalog No. 6441-C) is also available, which allows the Test Switch Protector to be mounted to the test switch itself. This provides extended protection for times when the meter box may be opened for prolonged periods of time.

  • Voltage Rating of 2500V
  • Clear, Flexible PVC Construction
  • Available with optional captive hardware (Catalog No. 6441-C)
Equipment Documentation
Test Switch Protector
Test Switch Protector
Catalog No. 6441
Test Switch Protector
Test Switch Protector
with Captive Hardware
Catalog No. 6441-c
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