TESCO Automated Creep Tester
Catalog No. 870

ANSI Standards define meter creep as a situation where, with load disconnected and test voltage applied, the moving element makes one revolution in 10 minutes or less. Common knowledge is that electronic meters are not supposed to creep, but more and more utilities are realizing that this functionality has to be tested to ensure that this is the case.

TESCO can now automate your creep testing. The TESCO Automated Creep Tester is an accessory that can be used with a TESCO Desktop Meter Station, a TESCO Meter Qualification Board, a TESCO Multi-Position Watt-Hour Test Board, or any other equipment that can provide potential without load.

The Automated Creep Tester operates using sensor & infrared technology, and will test both electro-mechanical & electronic meters. For electro-mechanical meter testing, a sensor simply tracks any disk rotation on the meter. For electronic meter testing, a TESCO Optical Pickup is connected to the meter, which will track infrared pulses from the meter.

As with all TESCO equipment, the Automated Creep Tester is built with the tradition of reliability and ruggedness.


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