Meter Engineering Board (MEB)

For meter accuracy testing and certification.

Perform qualification, disconnect, communication, and advanced functional tests wtih TESCO's new Meter Engineer Board. With basic metrology (0.1% accuracy) TESCO's new MEB can also be used as a demand board or a time-run board, as part of meter certification, or to meet regulatory testing requirements. A new socket design provides automated operation to make loading easier. All new TESCO boards include our new electronically actuated sockets.

TESCO's MEB can help with:

  • Meter evaluating testing and certification
  • Communications performance
  • Power Line Communications testing
  • Software and firmware verification
  • Meter setting verification
  • Meter functional testing
  • Demand testing
  • Time-run testing
  • Extended use testing
  • Meter disconnect switch testing
Equipment Documentation

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Meter Engineering Board
Meter Engineering Board (MEB)
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