TESCO Multi-Position Meter Qualification Board (MQB)
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TESCO offers customized Multi-Position Meter Qualification Boards (MQB's) to power-up and apply load to electric watt hour meters for functionality testing. These are ideal for assisting with your AMI meter qualification and communication testing. These boards are available from 2 to 96 positions in both single phase and true 3 phase. Constructed on a durable aluminum extrusion frame with casters for ease of mobility, TESCO Meter Qualification Boards are designed to blend seamlessly within your meter shop. Each socket position is designed to accommodate a large variation of meter forms and is capable of powering meters both with and without test links.

  • Meter Sockets: 1 to 96 positions. Each position is equipped with a zero-insertion-force (ZIF) socket.
  • Meter Forms: Multiple, selectable via rotary switch
  • Voltages: 69 through 600 VAC, selectable via rotary switch. (Custom voltages available)
  • Amperages: 1.5A, 5A, 15A & 30A, selectable via rotary switch. (Custom amperages available). True 3-phase and single-phase available.
  • Test Ports: Provided at each of the pairs of current and form selector switches to enable power test calculations with an amp meter.

Smaller, portable configurations are available, as well as mobile versions built for outdoor use. Contact TESCO today to learn more about how we can simplify your AMI testing needs for both the meter shop and in the field.

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