TESCO Multi-Position Meter Test Board (MTB)
Catalog No. 2450

TESCO's Multi-Position Meter Test Boards (MTB's) are designed to serve as a cost effective solution to perform watt-hour accuracy tests. These Boards are designed for maximum throughput and operator efficiency. A common application is as a retirement test board or an acceptance test board during a large scale meter exchange project (e.g. AMI deployment). Each Board can be customized to suit your individual requirements. Test results are exported from the Board in a .CSV file and can be automatically uploaded to your meter records system or stored in a TESCO Meter Manager records module.

Recently added was the capability to adjust the voltage magnitude via a variac at each socket position from 0 to 240v. Additionally, digital voltage and digital power factor displays are available for each socket position as well.

  • Meter Socket Positions: TESCO Meter Test Boards are offered in banks of 4 socket positions.
  • Operator loads meters into a bank of sockets – an indicator light confirms
    properly seated meters
  • Operator scans barcodes on meters and sockets to set up the board and
    capture meter information.
  • If this is a retirement test, the operator then takes photo of last dial locations on meter with same hand held bar code scanner.
  • After scanning, test automatically begins.
  • Operator loads second bank, while first bank is testing.
  • Cycle time is better than 2 meters per minute but ultimately depends on the number of sockets and the type of meters.
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Meter Test Board
Multi-position Meter Test Board (MTB)
Catalog No. 2450
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