TESCO Multi-Purpose Test Station
Make-to-Order Equipment

As meter testing requirements continue to evolve, TESCO is excited to offer an affordable, yet versatile meter accuracy test board designed to handle all of your testing needs.

TESCO's new Multi-Purpose Test Station not only does accuracy testing, but can also be used for acceptance testing, retirement testing, functional testing, disconnect testing and at a cost that will fit the budget and not "break the bank". TESCO can customize the Test Station to your specifications.

The Multi-Purpose Test Station is operated using TESCO's Field Fast Software Module via touchscreen PC. The Field Fast Software Module provides the operator with a simple interface to enter test settings and display test results. It also contains tables of adjustable meter configurations and test sequences. The user may select a configuration from a list, which then auto-populates the meter attributes, and sets the potential relays. The user can also pre-configure test sequences to their most common set of tests.

  • Touchscreen PC interface:
    - Customized settings
    - Ability to save test sequences & test results
    - Meter form & voltage settings
    - Power factor settings (50/100%)
  • Three independent current channels (0-50 Amps/channel)
  • Single-phase potential (0-480V)
  • Reference standard for accuracy testing & software options for demand and time-of-use testing
  • Zero-insertion-force (ZIF) meter socket
  • Ability to test both electronic and electro-mechanical closed-link meters
  • TESCO Optical Pickup (Catalog No. 1037-STND) to detect electronic meter pulses
  • Disk sensor to detect disk rotation on electro-mechanical meters
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Multi-Purpose Test Station
Multi-Purpose Test Station
Make-to-Order Equipment
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