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ANSI Standard Burden Sets
(Voltage and Current)

Testing and calibrating instrument transformers often requires standard burdens of reliable accuracy and stability, and burdens that are immune to stray fields and harmonics. The burden sets Knopp offers have been carefully designed to meet these requirements. They provide the standard burdens required for the testing of current and voltage transformers for metering service, and for the testing (within the current rating provided by the sets) of current transformers for relaying applications, all as called for by ANSI/IEEE C57.13-2016.

All the current burden sets are designed to be used with external leads consisting of a 5-foot pair of #8 copper conductors. This becomes very significant at the lower burden values, since the external leads constitute a significant part of the total burden.

  • Accuracy: Resistance and inductance within 1.0%
  • Stability: Variation with current of the 60 Hz. impedance and power factor of the current transformer burdens does not exceed 2.0% in the range from 0.5 to 10 amperes, and the variation does not exceed 1.0% from 1 to 10 amperes, and 0.5% from 2.5 to 10 amperes. Variation of either inductance or resistance of the voltage transformer burdens operated at 60 Hz. does not exceed 0.2% from 100 to 140 volts. These data include the effects of self-heating in an ambient temperature ranging from 60°F to 80°F.
  • Shielding: The maximum leakage field four inches from the cases of the burden sets operated at rated current or voltage is less than 0.5 oersted. Stray 60 Hz. magnetic fields of 100 oersteds changes the rated current of the voltage transformer burdens in less than 0.25% and the rated voltage drop of the current transformer burdens less than 0.1%.
  • Harmonics: The percent harmonics in the voltage drop of the current transformer burdens is less than 1.0% throughout the range up to 10 amperes. The percent harmonic current taken by the voltage transformer burdens is approximately 0.2% at 80 volts, 0.3% at 120 volts, and 0.6% at 160 volts.

See the PDF below for additional information.

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ANSI Burden Sets
ANSI Standard Burden Sets
(Voltage and Current)
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