TESCO Meter Lab Services

TESCO's Meter Lab Services gives our utility customers, meter manufacturers, as well as other metering vendors, a better understanding of "cause & effect" scenarios. The TESCO engineering team has worked together to develop protocols, test theories, and research materials on various industry topics.

TESCO Meter Lab Services have included:

  • ANSI testing
  • Simulated UL testing
  • Safety testing - hot socket issues, causes, simulation
  • Safety testing - Meter Water penetration testing
  • Safety testing - Meter failure root cause & analysis
  • Statistical investigation and analysis of field phenomenon
  • Effects of magnets on solid state meters
  • Specific functional issues related to AMI & meter manufacturers
  • Meter certification & performance testing
  • Meter qualification testing
  • Meter functionality/communication test protocol & evaluation
  • Calibration services

TESCO Meter Lab Services offer utilities the opportunity to investigate specific issues related their meters and/or metering department. These investigations often result in lab equipment, which TESCO will then install at our customer's facility. To discuss a custom meter lab service (or product), please contact TESCO at (215) 785-2338.

The TESCO Meter Shop & Meter Lab Services Facility Includes:

  • Multi-Position Meter Test Boards (MTB's)
  • Multi-Position Meter Qualification Boards (MQB's)
  • Multi-Position Re-Programming Boards
  • Demand Test Boards
  • Single-Position Watt-Hour Test Boards
  • Individual Engineering Stations (Desktop Meter Stations, Single-Position Meter Qualification Boards)
  • Meter Scrapping Facility (electromechanical, solid-state, polycarbonate covers, glass covers)
  • Knopp Transformer Test Equipment
  • Electronics Lab
  • Water/Rain Simulation Lab & Testing Facility
  • High Pot Testing Facility
  • Thermal Testing Facility
  • Hot Socket Simulation Equipment
  • Environmental Chamber
Equipment Documentation

Hot Socket Simulator
Hot Socket Simulator
Catalog No. 3100-L
Single-Position Meter Station
Single-Position Meter Station
Catalog No. 2300
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