Electric Vehicle Test Systems

TESCO has more than 110 years of experience in designing and builiding devices to test the accuracy of electrical measurement devices for the utility industry. From that knowledge and experience, TESCO has developed a means to check the accuracy and calibration of Electric Vehicle Chargers.

TESCO's family of Elecgtric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) Testers provide complete test capabilities for EVSE systems conforming to J1772_201602. Fully compliant with Handbook 44 provisions, they test the accuracy of energy delivered using a transactional model. Full communication signal analysis and safety checking of the EVSE connection is provided. TESCO currently offers the following testers:

  • T100: Tests AC Level 1 and Level 2 test systems up to 32 amps maximum current
  • T200: Tests AC Level 1 and Level 2 systems up to 64 amps maximum current
  • T400: Tests AC Level 1 and AC Level 2 systems up to 64 amps maximum

  • Functionality

    TESCO's EVSE testers will test energy delivery accuracy using a transactional model compatible with Handbook 44. For complete freedom and test automation use a PL100, PL200 or PL400 Load Emulator. Any J1772 compatible EV can also be used as the test load by using an optional cable. The Proximity and Pilot Control signal exchanges are fully verified for compliance with J1772. The EVSE's GFCI can also be tested.

    EVSE Load Emulator

    The PL Family of load emulators provide fully programmable loading devices for use with the EVSE Test devices described above. The PL100 and PL200 are for AC chargers, and the PL400 is for the DC fast chargers.

    Equipment Documentation

    For more information about TESCO's Electric Vehicle Test Equipment please click below.

    T200 EVSE Tester
    T200 EVSE Tester
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