TESCO Meter Farm Installation

Recent installation of a TESCO Meter Farm at an Investor Owned Utility. This particular Meter Farm can house over 1200 meters..

TESCO Hot Socket Simulator (Catalog No. 3100-L)

The TESCO Hot Socket Simulator gives you the ability to investigate meter failure issues related to hot socket phenomenon.

TESCO Multi-Position Test Board

TESCO’s four position test board demonstrates retirement testing of mechanical meters. Used in conjunction with TESCO Meter Manager Software.

TESCO Demand Board Retrofit

This video deomostrates TESCO's ability to retrofit any demand board, regardless of age and manufacturer. This particular retrofit included upgrading the computer/control systems, installing new test standards, and improving the pneumatic system & sockets. The operation and specifications were consistent with the original board, with upgrades in performance and accuracy.

TESCO Meter Manager Software Integration

TESCO Meter Manager Software can be integrated with any meter testing equipment. This particular video demonstrates how easily the software integrates with a Radian RFL5800.

TESCO 16 Position Retirement Board

As older meters are replaced with newer AMI meters, they go through a retirement test to ensure it was still functioning properly. This is a TESCO 16-position Retirement Board in use at a Utility. The meters are locked in place, a barcode is scanned to retrieve the meter information (serial number, model number, etc) and then the test begins. The Retirement Board will either "pass" or "fail" the meter.

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